Reviews for Shades of Green

Here are some highlights from reviews on and

“Shades of Green is a truly outstanding book and has the potential to one-day rank among dystopian classics like Orwell’s 1984”

“Shades of Green is a fast paced political thriller centred around the accession to power of environmental political parties and movements…

… I look foward to the day when this gripping read is adapted into a gripping movie.”

“In this fascinating book we follow the growth of a strengthening political philosophy, the appearance of its disciples, the slow subversion of the middle-ground, and the eventually near surrender of control. There are shades of 1984 and shades of Nazism, of fascism, of Talibanism, of state controlled communism, of any self-righteous doctrine that strives to subvert and then dictate.”

“This is England where this kind of thing doesn’t happen…”

“Shades of Green, by Andy Lake, is powerful, unsettling, chilling and enlightening. It is a compelling, page-turning read that kept me up late many evenings because I absolutely had to know what happened next.”


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