All characters

Here is a detailed list of characters in Shades of Green, including minor characters:

1. Green Earth Movement (GEM)

Don Mason – Charismatic Founder of the Green Earth Movement, and Britain’s first Green Prime Minister

Dave Barrington – Leading GEM activist and Minister for Climate Change

Jessica Olsen Barrington – Leading GEM activist. Married to Dave Barrington, daughter of top civil servant Sir James Olsen

Malcolm Morton – Former army captain, GEM activist who becomes Home Secretary and heads up security

Sarah Turner – Leading GEM activist and Chancellor of the Exchequer

Louise Adams – Sarah Turner’s economics adviser

Danny Malik – Television director, later Minister for Culture

Juliet Coe – GEM ‘sleeper’ who heads up the purges of the media. Also close to the Animalists

Annie Lee – Scientist and GEM ‘sleeper’

Doug Cunningham – GEM sleeper who comes to head up the Earth Councils and National Convention

2. The “Kitson Circle”

Peter Kitson – Liberal Environment spokesman who plays a key role in the Green Revolution. Becomes Minister for Energy

Heather Kitson – Married to Peter Kitson. Mother of baby Andrea

Joanna Kitson – Human Rights lawyer. Sister of Peter Kitson

Terry Cairns – Liberal Finance spokesman and deputy party leader. Mentor of Peter Kitson

Sandy Honeyford – Political coordinator for the Liberals and the Green Earth Coalition

Martin Lang – Ambitious lawyer who becomes head of the Scrutiny Commission for the legal system (ESCOLAW)

Howard Blackstone – Liberal party leader. Becomes Foreign Secretary.

3. Animalists

Titus Whitaker – Academic philosopher and the ‘guru’ of the Animal Rights movement

Gabriella Pearson – Formidable campaigner and activist for Animal Rights

Tara Collingworth – Radical theorist for a rebalanced world

4. In his own category

King Henry IX – King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. A passionate advocate of environmental action

5. Other Greens

Ben Porter – Leader of the mainstream Green party. Both rival of and collaborator with Don Mason

Carl Fullerton – ‘Deep Green’ activist and Animal Rights guerilla who comes to lead the Green Militia

Perry Jones – Principal Investigator with ESCOSAFE and the Green Militia

6. The ‘Greys’

Patrick Baxter – Prime Minister before the Green Revolution and leader of the Conservative party

Sir James Olsen – Leading civil servant, and later leading opponent of the GEM regime. Father of Jessica Barrington

Lady Francis Olsen – Formidable wife of Sir James

President Johnson Wilding – President of the USA

Zara Alderney – US Secretary of State

Sam Sharma – Market trader interned in the eco-camps

Evan Roberts – Liberal party strategist, opposed to Peter Kitson’s influence

Dennis Leadbetter – Leader of the Labour Party

General Mark Matthews – Leader of the counter-revolutionary tendency in the military

George Cavanagh – Anti-terrorist officer

7. Media

Trevor MacLean – Flamboyant BBC News reporter

Stella Walton – Researcher working with Trevor MacLean

Miles Campbell – Director-General of the BBC

Michaela Cavaliero – Head of News at the BBC

Craig Delaney – Head of the BBC Green Team, and later Director-General

Dony Patterson – IT expert working with Trevor MacLean

8. Others

Rachel Dean – Close firend of Heather Kitson. Academic historian at a London University college.

Mark Dean – Married to Rachel. Entrepreneur running a high tech company

Mohammed Iqbal – High profile detainee in one of Joanna Kitson’s human rights cases

Colonel Demont Ashton – US military liaison officer ofr the ‘counter-revolutionary’ forces

Colonel Palmer – American officer leading part of the counter-revolutionary forces

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