Main Characters

The central characters in the book are:

Don Mason – Charismatic leader of the Green Earth Movement (GEM). A favourite of the media world, he is the founder of a disciplined environmental campaigning movement. His philosophy is a deep shade of green – ending economic growth and radically transforming society to live in a better balance with the natural world.

Peter Kitson – an optimistic – perhaps naive – and ambitious Liberal Democrat politician who manoeuvres his party into making common cause with the GEM, and into a coalition government with them. Committed to environmentalism, his politics are of a much lighter shade of green in the view of Mason and his colleagues.

Heather Kitson – Married to Peter, and mother of baby Andrea. A former PR executive, her interests are primarily focused on family and friends. However, events conspire to pitch her into the centre of events.

Joanna Kitson – Sister of Peter Kitson, and a human rights lawyer. Initially a supporter of the Green Revolution, her championing of people detained without trial brings her into conflict with GEM regime.

Trevor MacLean – Flamboyant BBC TV journalist who has a key role in reporting the Green Revolution, though his approach soon gets him into trouble under the Green Earth government.

King Henry IX – A passionate advocate of environmentalism, the King becomes a key supporter of the Green Revolution.

Patrick Baxter – Conservative Prime Minister at the time of the Revolution, and in due course a leading opponent.

Dave Barrington – Leading GEM activist charged with developing the GEM’s major climate change projects. Works closely with Peter Kitson in the early phases of the Revolution.

Malcolm Morton – Former army captain who manages security for the GEM and in due course becomes Home Secretary, extending his control to the police and security apparatus of the country.

Terry Cairns – More seasoned and sceptical Liberal politician and mentor of Peter Kitson. Eventually he throws himself into leading some of the key projects for transforming the economy, and finds romance with a leading GEM adviser, Louise Adams, with unexpected consequences.

Titus Whitaker – Guru of the Animal Rights movement (the ‘Animalists’). A professor of Moral Philosophy, and an advocate of equal rights for all species.

Gabriella Pearson – Fiery leader of the Animalists, and former guerilla activist. Passionate advocate of a rebalanced world.

For a full character list click here.

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